ASUS G55 Series gaming laptop and ACER TravelMate P243 review

ASUS G55 rear fuselage thick front-end thin, the screen open, emerged in the keyboard appear before a tilt angle, this design will be more comfortable. Asus G55 ROG 15 inches, this test of the G55 is equipped with 15.6-inch 3D display, NVIDIA 3D Vision solution, the screen refresh rate of 120Hz, 3D display excellent results, but the 1366 × 768 resolution rate slightly regret.

For a high-end gaming notebook, the ASUS G55 is equipped with 15.6-inch display, but its volume than the ordinary 15-inch notebook leniency many, and had bare metal weight 3.81kg, coupled with the high-power adapter , the travel weight of 4.5kg, it is recommended that we use good quality and some of the backpack carrying.

Large body ample space, the ASUS G55 provides us with a numeric keypad area to maintain a relatively loose use of the environment, to ensure the comfort of using the keyboard for a long time operation.

Of course, the keyboard of the Asus G55-face design is more than just space large, and it comes with a backlight, which makes us in a dark environment can also see on the keyboard keys, and fully take into account those who play games at night the needs of the players.

In addition to the keyboard backlight, use the G55 when playing games, you can feel in the W key to a small bulge, even if we have been staring at the screen, can accurately find the location of the W key, which can be seen to mention a total of a better gaming experience, ASUS G55 has done a lot of effort on the detail design of the fuselage.

Asus G55 the palm rest using the same material with the body cap, accompanied by a special coating on the surface, touch is very comfortable. Can be seen from the above picture, however, ASUS A42-G55 battery, keyboard backplane and keyboard area above the dark gray, they are build by the metal material, the key to overall showing a post-modernist visual effects of the heavy industry.

ASUS G55 to set the power button in the top right-hand side of your keyboard, set it next to a printed ASUS ROG LOGO button, this is the ASUS G55 3D switch, it can be turned on or off the 3D display.

Shaft part of this the TravelMate P243 sunken shaft of the aluminum-magnesium alloy, 25,000 times opening and closing of the test, so that the overall body is even more elegant compared to the other screen axis life increased by 25%, more steady and durable.

As a result of a sunken shaft, so the body back-end can not be set interface. The notebook interface is mainly distributed in both sides of the fuselage. Acer, the TravelMate 8 481, this notebook only on the left to set up the heat vent, does not set in on both sides of the fuselage. The notebook also introduced a USB 3.0 interface, greatly increasing the speed of business users to copy data. There is also a USB interface has shut down charging functions can be turned off at any time for mobile devices charge, very useful.

The left side of the fuselage, from back to front, power adapter, HDMI high-definition interface, the heat vent, VGA interface, USB / eSATA combo port, an ExpressCard/34 expansion slot, as well as smart card reader.

The right side of the body from back to front, followed by safety lock, the RJ45 network cable port, CD-ROM, the charge off the USB interface, USB2.0 interface, USB 3.0 interface. Front of the fuselage, the left-most edge is the headphone and microphone jacks on the edge of the set up three working lights. Central location, set up a card reader, the right end, is the physical switch of a wireless network, but also an orange light to indicate the state of the wireless network is very convenient.

The Acer P243 the TravelMate using a 15.6-inch matte screen its standard resolution of 1366 x 768, anti-glare design, directly to avoid external light is too strong a result of the mirror phenomenon generated by the actual use of found, the overall The color is clear, the screen is delicate, very ideal viewing angle than ordinary wide screen.

The complex needs of the ACER TravelMate P243 battery, Acer sunken shaft, the screen opening and closing angle up to 150 degrees to respond to routine office enough. Fang Jicheng a high-sensitive camera on the screen, the right is the microphone hole, the phone sound source can be better, video call quality is very high. Although the business of this but this Acer TMP243 also used popular duckweed keyboard with independent numeric keypad and full-size keyboard, but the key way is shorter bond length is relatively small, the feedback intensity is also softer, feel not very good. The keyboard spill-resistant design, and security to do it in place.

Lenovo Z485 screen using the L-shaped sunken shaft design, the damping force is moderate, and can easily with one hand to open or covered with a screen, the largest screen opening and closing angle approximately 135 degrees. Our test unit, the screen is high-gloss mirror (reflection) of the surface reflection and glare and could easily be contaminated after the fingerprints and other stains is particularly evident, one thing is sure, this notebook is not suitable for outdoor use.

Lenovo Z485 uses a 14-inch resolution of 1366 x 768 pixel backlit bright screen, clear image; the top of the screen built a one million-pixel high-definition camera, has emerged as the best state in any light. HD video call or shoot HD blog, will get the best results.

Lenovo designed the high-touch chocolate keyboard, maintained a succinct fashion design style, while high practicality, comfortable tactile experience. 100% full-size keyboard, Lenovo has always ergonomic key way, the key spacing and keycap design inherited, actual use is very comfortable, in addition to the keyboard also has anti-ash spills design, easy to clean.

Independent design of audio and video of the top of the keyboard shortcuts area, integrated mute, adjust volume, a key video enhancement, sleep and other functions, audio and video entertainment at your fingertips easily touch, usually low-key latent boot can be gorgeous appearance, bringing more convenient, more relaxing entertainment space.

Lenovo Z485 equipped with a whole new generation of key rescue system to lift the user to worry about more quickly. The system has a key backup, a key anti-virus, system repair and recovery functionality. Button backup is more efficient and faster; a key antivirus can help the user quickly killing the virus, fast repair system files; powerful one-button recovery feature to quickly help the user will be compromised system recovery to solve the maintenance problems of the troubled notebook users ; easy one-button system recovery as good as new.

In the speaker configuration, the Lenovo Z485 with LENOVO Ideapad Z485 Battery professional modulation audio and in particular to increase the resonance cavity, and greater volume, range wider, accent stronger, encroaching upon the desktop independent sound. The fourth-generation Dolby Home Theater surround sound, to create an immersive sound field.

This product uses a 14-inch screen at the top is also designed with the state of the sensor device that can intelligently detect the user using a laptop. The keyboard uses a full keyboard with numeric keypad, 14-inch IdeaPad Z585, in the limited space, but also provides a numeric keypad area to facilitate the special needs of the user for text input.

This LENOVO IdeaPad Z585 designed to meet the specifications of the mainstream 14-inch notebook, body about 2cm thickness than the mainstream 14-inch notebook thin out some. Bare metal weight of 2.1kg, if you need to carry, it is recommended to use the backpack.

LENOVO IdeaPad Z585 design of the keyboard surface is a major feature of this product, full keyboard, and the use of transparent plastic material, the distribution of the square of the Obscure to the above rules, placed the palm of your hand up you can feel the more obvious concavity increases smooth surface friction, use feel more comfortable. Compared with the general notebook mosaic design, this keyboard surface is not only brought a beautiful appearance but also allows users to get more comfortable operating experience.

IdeaPad Z585 in the keyboard part, continuing the design of the IdeaPad Z580, in addition to island-style keyboard, LENOVO also stressed that the "arc" keyboard (Dichromic) to design in two-tone Symphony Shu, of which two-color part, is in keycap four weeks coupled with other bright color of the color line, creating a three-dimensional effects, such as black keyboard coupled with blue, white keyboard coupled with green, pink keyboard with white, at first glance, a bit like the LED backlight.

In addition to the above features design, this LENOVO IdeaPad Z585 with a 6cell LENOVO Ideapad Z585 Battery built-in support for the DTS UltraPC II Plus the ONKYO professional sound optimization technology, class speaker, through audio and fold ring portions separately, effectively strengthening the explosive power of the bass and reduce distortion.

The design of the touchpad and the next the the LENOVO patent ScrollPad the characteristics of the product, easy to use ScrollPad browse the web, documents, or adjust the volume, touch board and ScrollPad of relatively smooth material, the above uniform distribution of small protrusions, in use is not very smooth, the general feeling. Between the touchpad buttons, the design of the fingerprint identification device.