LENOVO ThinkPad X1 Hybrid laptop test

The ThinkPad X1 Hybrid will also upgrade their Webcam to 720p. As can be seen from the following static photos, the image quality is quite bright, vivid and accurate color representation. In addition, the camera can capture a considerable degree of picture detail, like the hair on the reflective and skin texture. However, even the pictures on the page has been narrow, dark corridor in the background can still see the obvious particles.

Material with durable, has not changed much, the ThinkPad keyboard of the X1 Hybrid still gone through a transformation of - with backlight, spill-resistant the siled keyboard (chiclet Keyboard) (and backlight), plus a entity button touchpad. Each keycap with a slightly concave curve, and the keyboard to play up the feel is still quite comfortable, although not the same with the traditional black style, but the master edit private feel quite outstanding.

You may Lenovo rejoined the integrated touchpad (non-entity button) it was the contradictions, you must know that it is better we tested the touchpad. With the texture of the touchpad is quite a wonderful touch, when the sound by pressing the touchpad, obviously, but not noisy, to be regarded as a satisfactory one of the master editor. The two scroll operation and support multi-touch laptop does not particularly outstanding.

Though with a lot of adjectives, but it is not said that the touchpad is perfect. This section touchpad Synaptics technology, and other laptop the same among these computers, including demerit points in the evaluation because the touchpad inaccurate Toshiba the Satellite E305. When to use the LENOVO ThinkPad X1 Hybrid Battery andtouchpad, we occasionally encounter the touch pad can press the right but can not press the left button of the case.

Overall, click and scroll function at least in our hands. In fact, we tested the last still prefer to use the red dot and its matching mouse buttons. Has a slight bump lines on the red dot, and the area enough to make us a finger comfortably against the top, its height is very low, even height is even lower than the next to the keyboard keys, which makes us move the cursor. The finger does not slide down from the red dot. The configuration of the space between the red dot and the pairing button is quite appropriate, which makes us very natural feeling in the thumb click. Talking about the key part, they provide a good percussion feedback, almost no sound, and there is no feeling of soft terrifying. In addition, the ThinkPad the X1 Hybrid is also the spacebar on the left function key to turn off the touchpad.

As mentioned earlier, the ThinkPad the X1 Hybrid has a 13.3-inch ,350-nit brightness display, and coated with Corning Gorilla tempered glass. And scratch-resistant panel is an attractive bright spot, also hope to have more and more manufacturers to import this technology. However, as the to Gorilla strengthen the cost of glass, the Lenovo abandon traditional matte visual panel, replaced by a glossy display, a move that may annoy many people, especially the loyal users of the traditional ThinkPad. When watching a movie, from the front screen, the screen side of the reflector is really obvious. To make matters worse, when the open and I close the cover, the screen is also very easily filled with fingerprints.

A new generation of the TOSHIBA Satellite L840 battery little change, the whole work is still quite solid. A face with piano paint technology has an excellent texture, looks elegant. The middle of flashing cold white brilliant bat logo at boot time, this Logo made glittering white, like the edges, and four bone protruding surface A more distinctive. Screen border, there are two silver trim, black and white with the entire design becomes more classic fashion personality.

According to Lenovo's rhetoric in favor of the glossy display is the ultimate goal of the durability considerations. In other words, the Lenovo design team from time to admit that they switch to glossy displays in order to catch the popular. Unfortunately, the ThinkPad the X1 Hybrid resolution is limited to 1366 × 768, resolution of even the X301 can be equipped with 1440 × 900. Resolution of the ThinkPad the X1 Hybrid in browsing the web or instruments, of course there is no doubt not too many problems, but this business the new darling of the screen resolution has been cut pity.

The ThinkPad the X1 Hybrid Dolby speaker volume setting even in the middle value is also quite loud, often have slightly the volume down a little laptop, a slim volume, the sound quality is not bad. Describe (behind the image of Love Stories skip) to see that this laptop also has a spill-resistant and rugged design, and even take it to the party occasions when the DJ laptop is also very suitable.

This test is equipped with the Intel Core i5-2520M (Frequency 2.5GHz), built-in Intel HD 3000 graphics chip, operating system, Windows 7 32-bit Professional Edition, 4GB of RAM and 320G hard drive 7200. Download the movie during the test, edit Word, PDF, and write E-Mail to see if the network movie, Twitter to push the text, the face book to hit the Posting of the face and the blog did not encounter Han. This send-measuring machine to a faster boot time of 49 seconds to knock down another Windows laptop. The ThinkPad the X1 Hybrid in the performance of the PCMark Vantage score of 7,787 points, looking ahead should be tested best of Core i5 machine.

Substantially to the DELL 8858X Battery is the HD 3000, the 3DMark06 score of 3,726, although slightly lower than other laptops equipped with the same, such as the Toshiba Satellite E305, but it has also been enough to play full-screen Angry Birds. So apparently the ThinkPad the X1 Hybrid is not suitable for users to recommend to the wish to bring to play the game. ?

In the left side of the power switch is TOSHIBA unique power mode switch button, the user through the key power management mode switching, including the "high performance" and "balanced mode" option.

This machine palm rest below with the appropriate configuration labeling, from which we can see that this product used NIVDIA Geforce 310M discrete graphics and Intel i5 processors, and also with a genuine copy of Windows 7 operating system.

TOSHIBAL845 touchpad using a rectangular structure, left and right sides, top and bottom slightly narrower. In addition, below the touchpad button with a one-piece design, the keys feel slightly more rigid. In interface configuration, this machine fuselage right side of the configuration of a DVD burner, two USB ports and a pair of audio interfaces. On the right side has a power connector, the cable interface, VGA interface, HDMI interface and E-SATA interface. Overall, this machine interface types or fully meet the basic daily needs of the user.

TOSHIBAL845 Although not the main thin product, but compared to this and the traditional 14-inch notebook thickness control of the machine is still not bad. This machine with a 47Wh lithium ion TOSHIBA Satellite L845 Battery, because this machine is configured high-performance processor and discrete graphics, so its life is not very good. However, as a flagship game notebook, I believe many users will use at home, so the endurance is not so important.

The weight of this machine, the machine plus battery weight is 2.163kg, can be said that weight control was pretty good. We can see the TOSHIBA has been in light of the efforts, I believe they will follow-up launched in thinner and lighter notebook. In the configuration, this machine uses Intel Core i5 processor and with 2GB memory and 500GB hard drive. In addition, this machine with the NVIDIA Geforce 310M graphics card. While this card is an entry-level products, but most online games can also cope with.