Newest TOSHIBA Mini NB515 netbook review

In fact, to buy friends, ultra-thin notebook for its portability, especially when traveling, in the long journey to enjoy a few HD movies to fill the empty hours is good. Thanks to the ATI Mobility Radeon HD5430 discrete graphics support Avivo HD (UVD2) decoding, when we enjoy 1080P HD movies "X-MAN, the processor utilization is maintained at about 6%, even if the video bit rate increases usage will not exceed one-third at the same time we can also use free resources to run other programs.

Especially in the passing of a pool that splashes very realistic, high speed drift caused by the dust effect is not only flying in the sky, even the body of the vehicle can be left clear of dust on the ground already left more deep tire marks. In addition, realistic collision system so that more sophisticated real damage to the vehicle, the vehicle collision not only have varying degrees of cosmetic damage to the wheels, suspension, cooling systems, power systems, etc. will also affect the performance of the vehicle damage, Zhuangfei more may hit a pulpy scenes pictures are the only remarkable rendering of the life-like.

3DMark Vantage test scores tell us the TOSHIBA mini NB515 is not suitable for playing 3D games, but due to the discrete graphics card with support DirectX 11 specification, so we chose to run under the "dust", mainly in order to work with everybody to see the next delicate and lifelike DirectX 11 gaming experience. Under the default settings in the game demo, because the style of the entire game to the scene of the dust zone, so when the car after driving speed, the airflow generated by the drive around trees, flags and car The body itself is the object swaying back and forth.

This the Inspiron NB515 TOSHIBA introduced this year, the new 13-inch thin and light notebooks, and classic mercury silver casing design, and this is similar to the metal mercury silver and then with the finish of the drawing process, not only to enhance the TOSHIBA The NB515's own taste and grades, and also makes the notebook surface with more wear through. Around the top cover after the arc-shaped handle, and outside the Department there is a circle of silver metal waist, and then with the middle of the embedded metallic finish strong "DELL" logo add a touch of the overall design of the TOSHIBA NB515 silk fashion sense.

When the one hand to pick up the TOSHIBA NB515, due to the baking process makes the surface slightly smooth, so there are more obvious sense of the decline in the fingerprint residue of the phenomenon still exists. But when we use the finger touch the top cover central, only a slight sinking of four weeks will be a rapid decomposition of the pressure, so that the top cover instantly reinstated, the screen surface has not let us worry about the water ripple, which The 6cell TOSHIBA NB515 battery work is quite sophisticated.

Other vendors have also been inspired by the guidance of the PACKARD BELL Acer comparison should be encouraged. It does not simply follow, but introduced another shape of duckweed keyboard (Click here to see diagram), brings another feel better as to which, it varies from person to person.

Intel Core i3 350M dual-core processors based on Arrandale, manufactured by the 32nm process technology, the core frequency of 2.27GHz (17 x 133MHz), shared L3 cache is 3MB, two core exclusive 256KB L2 cache. This processor synchronization support Intel Hyper-Threading technology, and therefore dual-core, four thread, but does not support Turbo Boost (Turbo) technology. Targeted at entry-level processor, although the performance is slightly lower than the Core i5 processors in the same door, more cost-effective compared to the 45nm P8000 series.

In addition, thanks to the 32nm processors share the L3 cache, improve computational efficiency and data hit rate, but also shorten the waiting time for daily processing tasks. 32nm processor also uses the DMI bus and integrated PCI-E bus, making the processor itself is only just and PCH chip on the motherboard part of a small amount of data exchange will be able to achieve operating, so that the data delay greatly reduced, but also reduce the we need to wait a specified running time.

Fingerprint recognition, in a nutshell, is to give the laptop data plus a lock, The EasyNote the LK built-in Protector Suit software, beginners can watch the demo video, and then follow the step by step guide to complete the setup, not repeat them here a.

CW series from last year, a new visual element in the PACKARD BELL laptop is raised palm rest design. The future, we are far from the sight of this design, I know this is a PACKARD BELL laptop. So, What are the benefits of this design? The following is my personal analysis.

PACKARD BELL digital products is very strong, such as its camera, the user is very large. In order to take care of those who are still using the old tape camera users, The EasyNote the LK to retain the IEEE 1394 interface. In addition, PACKARD BELL develop their own memory card standards: Memory Stick, so it would prefer to design the two readers. And the more common SD card standard is not uniform, but this we can see that in the past few decades PACKARD BELL how strong in this area with a 9cell PACKARD BELL EasyNote LK battery. There is a saying: "third-rate companies manufacture products, second-rate corporate brand, first-class enterprise standard-setting.

I remember I used the night of the holidays, like lying in bed, holding books watching movies, often inadvertently run into the side of the optical drive eject button, the CD-ROM drive suddenly "pop" pop up, the next hop, but bitterly press to go back. But not too much for a while, will not accidentally come across ... it is very embarrassing.

HD Tune detection, we can see the TOSHIBA Satellite S855 is a Western Digital 500GB SATA-II hard drive. After complete testing, it is easy to see that the hard drive performance in the continuous data transfer rate is more general, but the average read rate of 58.9MB / s burst speed of 101.8MB / s, these are testing speed the new platform technology to enhance performance is still very significant.

CINEBENCH is rendering a high-precision 3D scene screen test simply use the CPU to run only once, in a single-processor single-threaded, if the system has more than one processor core or multi-threading, for the first time using only one thread, the second run using all the processor cores and threads. Last processor's single-, dual-core test scores were 2438 and 5735. Core i3 mainly located in the low-end notebook market, and strong computer performance continues to bring to intelligent architecture for high-efficiency, faster response to day-to-day computing and entertainment needs. This series of processors are Intel to give "smart HD Man" reputation.

PCMark Vantage software is more focused test of the whole multi-function application of the TOSHIBA final testing of the Satellite S855 total score of 4625 points, and each child the basic 3300 or more points, which shows the TOSHIBA Satellite S855 has a stable performance. At present the vast of the smooth running especially games and entertainment content, scores as high as 4258 and 5068, which is very consistent with the positioning of the TOSHIBA Satellite S855 games this, of course, ATI Mobility Radeon HD5730 discrete graphics, allowing TOSHIBA Satellite S855 part of the 3D games.

Perhaps the most common on the market ATI Mobility Radeon HD5650 is more familiar with this HD5730 also some strangeness that we first introduce the classification and location of the ATI Mobility Radeon HD5000 series of graphics products. As early as last year when AMD released the ATI Mobility Radeon HD5000 series of notebook discrete graphics, code-named Manhattan, which is divided into the HD5800 high-end level, the performance level of the HD5700, HD5600 of mainstream and entry-level HD5400. Let us then take a look at this performance-level ATI Mobility Radeon HD5730.

ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5000 Series is the only fully supports Microsoft DirectX 11 notebook discrete graphics, of course, the HD 5730 is no exception, GPU-Z information, we can also see the ATI Mobility Radeon HD5730 is based on 40nm process, has 400 stream processors, Memory Interface 128Bit Memory Type GDDR3, Memory capacity of 1024MB, and support for the OpenGL 3.2,16 x angle independent anisotropic filtering, ATI Eyefinity (6 screens), ATI Stream, the ATI CrossFireX, ATI Avivo HD (UVD2), ATI PowerPlay, the Windows 7 technology or software.

3DMark Vantage software testing, TOSHIBA Satellite S855 battery Entry mode test total score of 11,964 points, which the GPU score of 16610 points. GPU results once again proved that the ATI Mobility Radeon HD5730 is defined as the performance level of the position, of course, through the data comparison chart of the above mainstream HD5650, we can see them on the total score and there is no obvious gap, while 3D graphics (GPU) performance, while the HD5730 only enhance nearly 10 percent, but the biggest advantage of the HD5730 still its good support for the DirectX 11 specification.