Newest ASUS X301A X401A X401A laptop-ASUS X Series

ASUS X301A has been a reduction in the design of shortcuts, now above the keyboard only an ECO energy-saving button, click on it, the system will give tips on the corresponding hardware is disconnect the power, and reduce the screen brightness and refresh rate, the greatest degree of saving electricity.

Micro-projector power, light bulbs produce heat can not be overlooked, fans are essential in order to ensure their stable work. Micro-projector at work, be able to hear the obvious noise, slightly less than.

Depending on the projection distance, the user can use the focus wheel (similar to a traditional projector focusing lever) to manually set the projector focal length in order to achieve the most clear display, but the limit by the size of its zoom range is very small.

Out of the projector can see hidden in the innermost of the four function keys, respectively, for the switch, brightness adjustment, and two projection distortion adjustment button. Click the switch button to turn on the projector, the default copy display resolution from 1366 × 768 to 1024 × 768; brightness adjustment button is only two steps, taking into account the thermal and power, a maximum brightness of 40 lumens ; due to the special design of the micro-projector projection angles are affected by two distortion adjustment button allows the projected image as close as possible to the norm.

Micro projector maximum brightness of only 40 lumens, so it was not suitable for long distance viewing projection screen, 4:3 screen ratio, the distance of the lens curtain 2 m, the maximum projected area of ??about 42 inches, the projected image has reached its maximum definition (over 2 m in any case the zoom will not be able to clearly show), to meet up close demonstration.

The most emphasis on comfort, the keyboard design, the ASUS X301A with a 4400mAh ASUS A32-X401 Battery performance, feel alone, button key process shorter and flexible, of course, the long text input does not produce discomfort, still able to do to adapt after key The word flying.

Observed touchpad design, we can still find ASUS X301A designed originally designed for business office users - fingerprint reader with your data more secure, unique ergonomic independent rolling skateboard for pages, documents, drag and Image zoom is more convenient and quick. In addition, the palm rest part of the skin-like coating design, even if the long hand on the palm rest on the text input is not the slightest discomfort.

The dual speakers with DTS Boost sound technology, the official said to a moving sound, but I can not agree through audio-visual. The area of ??its speakers, the sound chamber is not large, simply relying on software to improve the sound in any case are a drop in the bucket, perhaps ASUS said moving sound is coming from the headphones.

Product has a greater environmental adaptability, ASUS X301A can be detected by brightness, light-sensitive automatic regulator, the user does not need to do any settings, light automatically adjust automatically according to the operating environment of the surrounding adjust the screen brightness (Unfortunately for ASUS X301A no keyboard backlight).

In fact, for a thin and light notebook is generally lower power consumption, the internal configuration. On the one hand, to meet the longer battery life, the other is to compensate for the thin high integration of the internal, resulting in lack of congenital heat. ASUS X301A equipped with the Intel Core i5-2520M standard voltage processor, its clocked at 2.50GHz, Core frequency up to 3.20GHz, 3MB L3 cache, a single parameter, to cope with daily heavy computing tasks no problem.

Intel Core i5-2520M dual four thread processors, clocked at 2.50GHz, Turbo to speed up the highest single-threaded up to 3.20GHz, 3MB three-level cache, with 8GB of memory, cope with daily heavy computing tasks no .

ASUS X301A standard 47Wh six-cell lithium-ion ASUS X301A Battery, by MobileMark 2007 test, the state of the projector is turned off, screen brightness, life time of about five hours for a set of significant business this is not good.
Just by the simple dismantling, common hardware, ASUS X301A can be done easily replace and upgrade.

Super this review, we always referred to a certain super-this in order to give up some of the interfaces so that the body becomes more thin. However, the interface ASUS X401A did not compromise, the common interface the X401A who find, we take a look at the ASUS the X401A notebook computer designed interface for the user.

For ASUS the X401A notebook is designed for users with three USB3.0 interface, RJ45 network interface, HDMI high-definition interface, VGA video output interfaces, multi-card reader, headphone and microphone jacks, and 3G SIM card slot.

For ASUS the X401A notebook touchpad design is definitely regarded as one of the highlights of the largest notebook. Black pure mirror design gives a feeling of bright spots for both decorative buttons around the lines sketched out a little classical Oriental flavor for this touchpad. The actual use of this accurate positioning of the touchpad, your fingers feel comfortable, and used decorative lines left and right arrow keys to separate the design, great to avoid embarrassment of users is difficult to distinguish between left and right buttons.

The top of the screen of the ASUS the X401A notebook computer with a camera to support the technology of the somatosensory Which camera is not only support the communication of the user's daily network, but also as a task to capture user actions signal ASUS Air Magic Software. Let us actual pictures to look at the actual performance of this camera.

From the above picture we can see the actual shooting of this camera is very clear, noise control right, the color reproduction is also very high, the overall performance is very good. In addition, the microphone of the notebook and not to other notebook like design around the camera, but the design in the left of the keyboard border location, better able to detect user voice.

For ASUS the X401A notebook using a 14-inch LED-backlit display, maximum resolution of 1366x768 pixels, the screen ratio of 16:9, the overall effect of law-abiding. For ASUS X401A battery notebook as a 14-inch super this product in the weight they have what kind of performance? We will use precision electronic scales were used to measure the weight of the laptop with battery, with battery and with two different weight of the power adapter in order to give consumers a real reference data.

A surface material for ASUS X501A C surface is still using the piano paint, work surprisingly well, the details at right. : Piano paint slippery problem for ASUS X501A in the left and right palm rest joined the bump design to avoid the slippery at the same time also help to improve user navigation experience.

The keyboard design is the most mainstream of chocolate buttons, and comes with a separate keypad areas of this design to see that this is specifically designed for the convenience of the game user manipulation. In order to further enhance the user experience have input, ASUS X501A also specifically added a button key process and feedback efforts, which makes you even do not use it to play the game, will be more comfortable on the daily handling of doing business content.

The ASUS X501A inadequate design more convenient and user-controlled shortcuts, you can see above the keyboard area separate power button for switching machine, the rest of the multimedia function buttons Yigai. In addition, where the area was placed at the light components to facilitate the users to quickly check computers running state.

The touchpad also made a careful design, deliberately increasing touch region, the entire touch area also increased with the left and right palm rest design - bump the purpose is clear, increase product sensitivity, while further enhance the user navigation experience. Observant users will find the ASUS X501A on the touch pad did not take fashion line to install the integrated design of the touchpad, instead of using conventional separation touchpad, such an approach is clearly in order to provide more accurate control to the user experience .

On the hardware configuration, ASUS X501A AMD the APU E-450 dual-core processor, compared to the previous AMD APU E-350 dual-core processors, AMD APU the E-450 dual-core processor clocked still be designed for 1.6GHz TDP heat design power of 18W, the biggest difference from the graphics of inheritance was promoted to the AMD Radeon HD6320G. With its hardware specifications are as follows: Memory 2GB DDR3 1333,320 GB 5400 rpm hard drive, the overall performance just to meet the home entertainment or everyday office use.

ASUS X501A machine cooling with a 6cell ASUS X501A Battery , the user is absolutely no need to worry about. This is based on two considerations, on the one hand, the large size body more conducive to heat the interior space, making the internal heat generated only in the retention within the body would immediately rule out a very short time. The other hand, is determined by the total power consumption of the hardware, AMD APU E-series of power lower in the heat dissipation amount would also be good control, even in full load operation of the state is still able to obtain cool experience.