New hp laptop-HP ProBook 4445s 4446s 6475b

HP the Folio 13 popular chiclet keyboard design (chocolate), the overall style and ProBook identical to maintain a certain distance between the keys can effectively prevent typographical errors, which is particularly valuable for a compact 13-inch notebook computer. The button surface is smooth, great texture. Button key process and force feedback is very good for text input is a very comfortable experience. The Folio 13 body with a rigid support structure, effectively prevent bending under heavy typing pressure keyboard.

As you can see, Hewlett-Packard to the Folio 13 is equipped with a backlit keyboard to make it easier for the user typing in a dark environment, especially in the present PowerPoint presentations, conference room or in a nighttime flight flights. On this keyboard backlight effect, the only shortcoming is that little bit of light leakage. HP is able to in the future to improve the backlight of the keyboard, to reduce light leakage and the best to join a more intelligent to adjust the backlight brightness, at this stage, you can choose to turn on or off the backlight on the keyboard (you can not according to their preferences to adjust brightness ).

The Folio 13 of the touchpad is clearly "inspired" Apple MacBook, but I was surprised that the touchpad is so large (relative to the size of the Folio 13). The touchpad similar to acrylic panel surface is very smooth, even if your fingertips moist still be able to slide on smooth. Integration of left and right buttons feel more rigid when in use, and this design started up also need time to adjust.

Super super very big selling point is also the pole of this essential function is to respond quickly to real-time-use. This is also the ultra-pole of this application with an ordinary notebook important advantage. For most people, using a laptop in the switch machine to a waste of time, while an instant wake-up can make your PC instantly restored to working condition, the usual standby sleep only memory and processor to spend a little power, manufacturer power-saving technology further control power consumption, ultra-pole of this for several days of standby time.

Intel ultra-pole of this definition provides that the super pole this sleep wake-up time should be within 7 seconds, almost all of the super-pole of this have to do an instant wake-up within 2 seconds. We tested in addition to the test go to sleep and wake-up time, also joined the switch machine time and the wireless network connection test. Due to a large extent by the impact of system and software of the switch machine speed, our test system uses the Folio 13 64 Win7 Home Edition operating system pre-installed.

Hewlett-Packard the Folio 13 with a 59Wh HP Folio 13 Battery is currently only one configuration, the use of Intel low voltage processor i5-2467M. Super pole this has just launched, Intel ultra-pole configuration relative to a single, high-end low-voltage i7-2677M used in most of the mid-i5-2467M. The price of high-end configurations are mostly close to or more than million from a cost aspect of speaking, mainstream sales of ultra-pole of this subject to the expensive cost pressures, the use of generally low voltage i5-2467M processor. From a performance aspect, the high-priced i7-2677M is just the frequency and L3 cache slightly higher, the difference was not before some performance comparison testing, purchase i5-2467M is clearly more cost-effective.

One of the most concern the sleep wake-up speed of 1.7 seconds, with the current release of several ultra-pole of this Asus UX21, Acer S3 1.5 seconds and 1.8 seconds, compared to wake-up time is not much gap. Boot time 25 seconds, not in the super pole this soon. However, compared with an ordinary notebook is very obvious advantages.

Several other configurations this is similar to other ultra-pole, equipped with 4GB of DDR3 single memory, using a 120GB Samsung SSD solid state hard drive, HP the Folio 13 is equipped with a large-capacity lithium polymer battery, the battery life performance, we will detail in the back of the test. First, we look at several key performance test score.

USB shut down charging functions has gradually become the standard configuration of the notebook, HP ProBook 4445s is no exception, the left side of the fuselage, a USB3.0 interface, support the shutdown of the charging function, mobile phones, MP3, iPad, in a shutdown state digital charging the charge.

HP ProBook 4445s the underside of the fuselage has a removable baffle, open memory and hard drive can be replaced, but if you need the notebook cleaning operation, you need to disassemble the machine, the more difficult for ordinary consumers .

Intel Core i7 3610QM is the third-generation Intel Core processor, its code-named Ivy, Bridge, using the 22nm manufacturing process, clocked at 2.3GHz, has four physical cores, support for Intel Hyper-Threading Technology, and Turbo 2.0 technologies to support the MMX, SSE , E4446s4T, AVX, VT-x, AES instruction set.

Intel announced a new generation of processor models listed in the table above, from which you can see, the HP ProBook 4445s equipped with the i7 3610QM positioning in the high-end users, is the successor of the previous generation Core I72530QM, may become the most extensive i7 processor.

Machine hardware configuration, as a 14-inch notebook, HP ProBook 4445s battery can be said is quite a force, it is equipped with Intel's latest Ivy Bridge Core i7 3610QM processor, NVIDIA GT Series locate the GT 650M graphics card with 8GB DDR3-1600 memory and 750GB hard drive, it can be said is currently on the market's highest performance 14-inch notebook.

CINEBENCH is the Maxon company introduced a cross-platform test system, it uses Cinema 4D special effects for film and television industry software engine to test the CPU and GPU. CINEBENCH R10 in the CPU test section, we use the 3D scene rendering a high-precision screen to test the processing capability of the processor multi-threaded processing. View from the above test results, the performance of the new Core i7 3610QM very tough, at a high level in the current notebook CPU.

SYSMark a hardware performance assessment tool, it focuses on the assessment of the performance of business operations and production performance of the computer. HP ProBook 4445s with excellent hardware configuration in the test, 195 points, so the results above the average for the mainstream notebook, you can better meet our running Photoshop, After Effects, 3ds Max, and other specialized software needs.

oday's notebook users while considering the performance, heat dissipation, life has gradually become the focus of attention, which has become the key to good to distinguish whether a laptop computer. Running Furmark after half an hour, the HP Pavilion 4446s situation such as the picture shows, the temperature distribution in the environment of 30 degrees Celsius, the temperature of the C shell panel unsatisfactory use will clearly feel the heat.

The other hand, the D-shell panel, still boast about, in general, with i7 quad-core processor with the GT 640M graphics card HP Pavilion 4446s the performance of law-abiding.

On this page we mainly look at the introduction of the HP ProBook 4446s comes with software applications. Today's products are reflected in many of the details of a people-oriented features, the machine is also true, pre-installed HP Support Center to help the users to periodically scan hardware, download the latest driver and check the battery status, the most direct way to let the machine remain in The best state for novice friend.

Data security is the HP ProBook 4446s with emphasis on machine HP Datesafe function can help users to easily backup and restore important files or system. In addition, HP also provides users with the cloud data storage protection, full protection of user files, system security.

The HP the Stage allows users to more beautiful, user-friendly interface to manage their own music, photos or video files, brilliant user interface gives the user a comfortable mood. HP ProBook 4446s battery for camera applications, also joined the HP Webcam Central Here you can take photos of a variety of interesting effects, can also record video to add a variety of background material, and then share with friends their own results.

Ivy Bridge The most obvious change is the adoption of the level of the tri-gate transistor technology, new design of the nuclear significant part, to support Microsoft DirectX 11 and Intel also improved the I / A, the core and ISA instruction set architecture, making the LLC cache and The memory controller improves instruction execution speed of the IPC (number of instructions executed by the CPU per clock cycle), Ivy, Bridge, optimized for SSE extended instruction set and string handling the ISA. Ivy Bridge has also strengthened security, strengthen energy management, Configurable TDP of technology, and can support a higher frequency of memory and low-voltage memory.

First, we started the CPU test link Core i7 3612QM (quad-core, eight thread) in the latest 7 series chipset, and this corresponds to the SNB's Core i7 2720QM (quad-core, eight thread), Core i7 2620M (double the Fourth Nuclear Power Plant thread) in the 6 series chipset.

CineBench is a use for film and television industry, Cinema 4D special effects software engine, you can test the CPU and graphics performance. The main concern in the daily testing of the CPU processing section. The test is divided into two: first test simply use the CPU to render a high-precision 3D scene images in a single-processor single-threaded run only once, if the system has more than one processor core or multi-threading, the first to use only one thread, the second run all the processor cores and threads.

Noise control in the machine, the HP ProBook  6475b  boot static mode of 32.7dB, giving the impression was very quiet. After half an hour after the pager test, the HP body heat to a substantial increase in order to ensure the body heat, the fan speed will be faster this time the noise increased to 38.5dB, it can be heard in the quiet environment at home the sounds, but still maintain a quiet state.

Also uses the latest Kepler architecture IVB of the Core i7 3612QM processor, the HP ProBook 4446s is equipped with the NVIDIA GeForce GT 640M, 500M Series 28nm process and 40nm compared to lets graphics to the same power consumption the state significantly improve 3D graphics performance, it has 384 CUDA cores, the frequency of 625MHz; dedicated graphics memory with 2GB of GDDR5 128-bit wide memory frequency of 900MHz, we first use the professional tools it ran sub- .

Although the current consumer market structure has changed little, but as the market continues from the mature to the change of the difference, as consumers, we will have more choices, the HP 6475b with a 9cell HP ProBook 6475b Battery the emergence of the consumer notebook market a blockbuster, is also a powerful weapon in the field, HP, industry indicators may be because it triggered a chain reaction of steady improvement, this let us look forward to the market will continue to emerge so sincere, like the HP ProBook  6475b  products.

Did not introduce the radio button of the top left of the keyboard on keyboard surface, in fact, it is HP  6475b  a shortcut, users can randomly comes with the Instant the Key Menu to set the key features, such as a wireless switch, touch pad lock key.