Business laptop HP EliteBook 8770w 8770P coming

The HP EliteBook 8770w part of the screen 14-inch HD LED backlight CrystalBrite display, the mainstream 1366 * 768 resolution. From the actual test performance, the screen in color and brightness performance belongs to the mainstream standards. The screenshot below is our normal office environment directly on the screen shooting.

We tested the results point of view, the aircraft is still quite satisfied in terms of color, brightness, saturation, this performance can also bring a good result for our application. The glossy screen is only in the case of complex indoor light will be some reflective troubled.

The HP EliteBook 8770w actual temperature distribution (indoor heated to 27 °), heat is mainly concentrated in the ventilation slots at the left of the fuselage, notebook internal heat through the duct carrying out, so that You can ensure that the machine can get a good temperature performance.

We often need to contact the palm rest and keyboard parts, the temperature is roughly only 31 °, and the temperature is very stable to ensure that the user actually cool operating experience. The maximum temperature of the back of the fuselage is also in the position of the mouth in the processor cooling, the temperature was 31.8 °

For notebook users an excellent model not only outstanding in appearance, performance, body weight is to measure an important indicator of a notebook. We will use precision electronic scales were used to measure the weight of the laptop with battery, with battery and with two different weight of the power adapter in order to give consumers a real reference data.

In the graphics, this HP EliteBook 8770w is equipped with Intel GMA HD and NVIDIA GeForce GT520M graphics design. With NVIDIA's OPTIMUS technology, we can use so that the set of explicit and independence was free to switch to achieve maximum capacity utilization effect.

HP EliteBook 8770w with a 8cell HP EliteBook 8770w Battery bare metal weight is 2.2Kg Travel Weight 2.7Kg, only the general level of this result for the 14-inch notebook product. We occasionally carry out or there is no significant concerns.

The HP EliteBook 8770p provides us with an additional memory slot to facilitate the user to upgrade. Hard drive protection, metal bracket, rubber cushion can play a satisfactory role.

The HP EliteBook 8770p with Intel's latest upgraded version of the Core i3-2330M processor, clocked at 2.2GHz, 3M L3 cache, 1333 MHz front side bus, the thermal power of 35 watts, 3MB L3 cache; this processor or the new Sandy Bridge architecture, 32nm manufacturing process, native integrated GPU core, adding a new video encoding / decoding, and support for Turbo 2.0 technologies, have a certain performance in everyday use.

Cinebench R11.5 is a specific processor, multi-threaded processor capacity test development software, software early version R10.5. Joined the latest multi-core processors support the latest version R11.5. One of the software is an indispensable tool for testing processor and test the Party's divided into two parts, CPU and OpenGL. i3-2330M R11.5 score of 2.11, R10.5 single core score for 3578, multi-core for 7844.

But we also see that although the machine is a dual graphics card configurations, but part of the discrete graphics only low-end NVIDIA GeForce GT520M, the actual performance in general.

Link in the video test, we use 3DMark 11. The biggest selling point of this test software is to use native DirectX 11 engine including Tessellation surface subdivision, the Compute the Shader and multi-threaded, including a large number of new DX11 features in the test scene. 3DMark 11 includes a demo mode with the benchmark model, the demo mode includes the deep sea (Deep Sea) and Temple (High Temple) the two test scenarios, the picture effect is comparable to the CG movie.

The benchmark contains four graphical test items, a physical test and a set of comprehensive testing, and provides a Demo demo mode. The test procedure uses the Bullet physics engine, support for new online services, and on the basis of the original English language support, adding a native of German, Finnish, Simplified and Traditional Chinese support. 3DMark 11 test, the NVIDIA GeForce GT 520M scores points for P527, can cope with general entertainment.

We let the machine play for some high bitrate AVI format 1080P video used in the test, open the video decoding hardware acceleration, CPU usage is always floating up and down 48% screen Caton harmony painting out of sync phenomenon, sufficient to meet the general users to watch high-definition video demand. By virtue of the strength of the NVIDIA GeForce GT 520M discrete graphics, the HP EliteBook 8770p battery play high-definition video will not affect any other applications running.

Discrete graphics in the new structure of the Kepler indeed has a very good performance than the previous generation architecture mainstream discrete graphics performance to enhance the quality, the GT 650M will also be one of the first choice for mainstream notebook graphics options to respond to previous the vast majority of large-scale 3D games, there will be a smoother running experience, that we enter the game the measured link.

As an ultimate action role-playing game "Diablo III" is the perfect continuation of the Diablo series. Players can choose five different occupations, such as barbarian or witch doctor, each class has a unique set of spells and skills. Players can experience the adventure in a variety of settings, to experience the epic story, and challenge countless demons, monsters and the BOSS, the gradual accumulation of experience, empowerment, and items with magic power.

This "God Diablo III" long-awaited all players, so we also use ASUS K55A "Diablo III" actual test. Game, we choose to add the role of monks, the figure can be unarmed melee, can also be equipped with all kinds of weapons to play quick attack.

"Diablo 3" game screen to enter settings, we did not adjust any of the options in the menu, the first test is conducted under the default quality options, which specifically set as follows: resolution of the notebook standard 1366 × 768 screen material quality "high" Shadow Quality "General", the physical characteristics of "high", the debris density, open full-screen anti-aliasing, and close the lower effects.

Game after the demo period of time, using Fraps software real-time record number of frames, the default picture settings, the game runs very smooth, usually run when the figures in the dark frames can ensure that the above 60FPS, only popping the enemy the moment frame The number will be lower, if the enemy increase in the number of frames will fall, but the smooth running 50FPS can keep.

All the details of adjustment for high-definition, the number of frames can be maintained at around 40FPS, when the characters displaying their special skills, lighting effects and dynamic rendering greatly enhanced picture frames declined slightly, but still can be maintained at 35FPS above, the fluency of the game and not lost. Therefore, even if the ASUS K55A Battery it is running at the highest quality should be no problem.

The new ASUS K Series of new products in the configuration above has been a comprehensive upgrade, use Intel's third generation of Smart Core processor, NV, a new generation 6-series discrete graphics, the performance of the above to raise the overall performance makes this product better. However, this product in the appearance of design, there is not much difference with the previous generation K series. Next, I will be the arrival of this the the ASUS K55V appearance and performance of a detailed evaluation.

Thickness of this product is similar compared with the average 14-inch notebook, the front of the fuselage thinnest thickness 31.06mm, bare metal reached a weight of 2.390kg, designed not to be regarded as a thin and light portable, users need to go out to carry to try to use the backpack.

ASUS K55V back-mounted seamless sub-island keyboard, the same as the previous generation A43 series design, in the top left of the keyboard, the design of this product, switch button, the same style and ASUS K43 series before, it has the ASUS style.

This product than the previous generation of the biggest changes is that the touch pad change-in-one design, while supporting a variety of gestures and multi-touch, facilitate the user's use and operation of the touch version of the glass material, the use feeling smooth.

By the display of the performance test reflects ASUS K55A as a main audio-visual class notebook or HOLD big game, carrying the Kepler architecture GT 650M mobile discrete graphics, provides a good quality demanding game performance support, especially set in high-definition game fluency not only significantly reduced, and more small screen rendering also reflected most vividly.

If there are plans to replace the notebook of a game, and very like a friend like "Diablo III", ASUS K55A should be a good choice. In addition to the strong performance Core i7 processor with the GT 650M discrete graphics portfolio, the aircraft's performance in sound can be said is very shocking, and sound than the more high-pitched and powerful mainstream notebook, plus external independent woofer, allowing the players real experience to visit the battlefield-like audio experience.

This ASUS laptop using 50Wh ASUS K55V battery, a popular sub-Island-style keyboard design, a key rebound moderate intensity, the user feels good. The palm rests, metal material, supplemented by wire drawing effects processing, better highlights the metallic finish of this product.

Next we take a look at this product scalability types of interface design is more complete, but the left side of the interface design is slightly crowded, if you use a variety of equipment, nor does it have an impact. The type and quantity to meet the user demand.