LENOVO ThinkPad Edge E435 E535 Coming-online review

LENOVO ThinkPad Edge E435 top cover part of the aluminum alloy material, but not Apple MacBook unibody one design, because of cost considerations, and is still using the splicing process of the aluminum alloy and some plastic material. The roof color to dark brown, slightly biased black, it is low-key and calm, the surface of brushed metal feel good, but less easy to leave fingerprints. Roof strength is very good, gently press the top cover, with no water ripples on the screen, the viewing angle is very good, almost perpendicular to the side screen can still read the content on the screen.

Gently open the top cover and found that some of the less damping "Run", it can be barely one-handed opening and closing, the screen up and down the border or idle, some thick, but both sides and above the pads, protective screen , many ultra in all of this design. The whole thickness of 19mm, in line with Intel's design specifications.

LENOVO ThinkPad Edge E435 with 14-inch LED display, obviously taking into account the aesthetic preferences of Chinese consumers, the maximum resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels, built-in top of the screen to an HD webcam with the corresponding software can achieve the operation of the somatosensory .

14 inches of mold, then re-keyboard design, LENOVO ThinkPad Edge E435 even more capability, greater C area, so that the fingers and the palm rest can be a comfortable place in the above. C-surface material like a metal wire drawing in the visual, but the actual plastic material, the touchpad for the mirror design, the layout of moderate size, keyboard and touchpad are relatively reasonable.

LENOVO ThinkPad Edge E435 is clearly more suitable to hand a large number of users. 14 inches mold large keyboard, Floating Island-style chocolate keyboard seems to be the standard of the notebook, the keys, LENOVOThinkPad Edge, E435 keycap large, but the key feedback is not clear, I feel some meat. However, the touchpad of the mirror design some bright spots, finger on the above operation is very comfortable, integrated around key with two virtual wireframe user to prompt.

LENOVO E435 with a 62Wh LENOVO ThinkPad Edge E435 battery uses a sunken shaft, screen opening and closing angle of 150 ° or so, if on the leg, this point of view there will be some small, is not conducive to observation. The ThinkPad Edge, E435 C-face design is quite simple, only a rectangular power button at boot time, this button will turn blue with the same blue status lights and futuristic.

Super this heat has always been not a problem, the bottom of the ThinkPad Edge, E435, two suction outlet, outlet placed in the back of the notebook, hot air is not blown the hands of users, and can help the LENOVO ThinkPad Edge, E435 better heat transfer out, 14 inches of mold is also conducive to the circulation of heat in the process of evaluation, we found that under high load conditions, the location of the ThinkPad Edge E435 palm rest is very cool, only close to the keyboard area of ​​the screen slightly Reduo. Fuselage was thin and light design, super pole this interface had to be discarded by the manufacturers, LENOVO ThinkPad Edge E435 in this regard and does not compromise, common interface can be found ThinkPad Edge E435 him, which no doubt greatly increase over pole of this practicality. The left side of the fuselage, to configure a card reader interface and a USB3.0 interface, an HDMI interface, a VGA video output port and a power connector. The right side of the fuselage, an RJ45 Ethernet interface, two USB3.0 interface, headphone jack and microphone jacks.

Unlike an ordinary laptop computer, the LENOVO ThinkPad Edge E535 notebook computer comes with a bracket of the fuselage, and always fit comfortably in the user's posture, to ensure the patency of the notebook computer heat opens.

More and more widely used in notebook computers, indoor and outdoor, bright and dark environments, usage requirements, LENOVO ThinkPad Edge E535 notebook computer with a backlit keyboard design, to ensure that users use in the dark, bring a full range of applications.

LENOVO ThinkPad Edge E535 notebook computer implanted in a series of intelligent solutions. Easy one-button set, you can quickly realize the file sharing between two laptops through wireless, and get convenient Internet.

LENOVO ThinkPad Edge E535 laptop computer settings screen split screen, the screen content to screen display, and more convenient multimedia editing applications, allowing users to "bent on dual-use" can be handy.

Did not rush to turn off the laptop, do not want others to see embarrassing when the content of the screen, LENOVO ThinkPad Edge E535 battery notebook computer equipped with a quick screen to open the key, a key to easily change the screen to turn on and off, not only the effective power saving, but also to protect privacy secret weapon.

Internet life, essential for multi-language applications, more user-friendly applications, LENOVO ThinkPad Edge E535 notebook computer designed to have a key language to achieve instant switch between the Chinese and English language applications unimpeded.

For an entertainment of this in terms of universal life time of about four hours, the DELL XPS L421X version Although the use of a 48Wh lithium battery, Mobile life is pretty good, 4 hours and 35 minutes, traveling to see high-definition large enough.

Popular U.S. show "The Big Bang Theory" (The Big Bang Theory) swept the country in the first two quarters of this drama, Sheldon and Leonard is the Dell XPS M1730 notebook, this group loves to play "Age of Conan", "World of Warcraft will choose a strong performance notebook in the world, "IQ Nerd.

Now's the XPS series is divided into three: the new DELL XPS 13 on behalf of the ultra extreme of this series, thin fashion series and XPS XPS 14z on behalf of 17 representatives of classic audio-visual entertainment series.You can see, five years from 2006 to the end of 2011, the product positioning of the XPS series is to present the pendulum changes to 2012 was relatively stable, and market factors, the internal environment are closely linked.

Even less so much performance, they will choose a great temperament "Marvel" computer, then the XPS fits their requirements, XPS represents the top performance experience and a fascinating design style, from the visual impact of the XPS M1730 no way inferior to their performance on the play.

Then the XPS has entered the country, but the style and price comparison is not accepted, the XPS tough appearance and user-traditional aesthetic habits have a lot of difference, a huge body, with nearly 10 pounds of weight, aggressive The red roof of the straight lines, the keyboard design of the industrial sense of strong, sturdy needs no explanation.

Dell XPS 14 with a 6cell Dell XPS L421X battery in the far left (gear-like) function key is the Windows Mobility Center shortcut key, through which users can easily manage computer hardware resources. Function comparable to Win7 comes with control panel.

To the third quarter, the drama inside the XPS Alienware M18x replaced, which is also coincident with the layout of Dell's own product, the mountain can not allow two tigers. In fact, the 2006 acquisition of Alienware, Dell and not the brand too much intervention, but allowed to exist independently and continue to use the the Alienware channel sales, product positioning similar problem is more and more obvious, Dell and even once outgoing message to cancel the XPS series, but ultimately failed to do so.

In the following days, the XPS series transformation, the original "high-end gaming Terminator" is no longer, alternative to this position is an alumnus Alienware, XPS, retreated the field of high-end audio and video applications, but moving away from the fever-class applications, XPS held out for 10 years, the Earth or was captured by aliens.

Finally been robbed by the Alienware game PC title, the positioning of the Dell XPS series the second swing, in which a new generation of products, Dell XPS incorporated into its upstart Studio Series, and the other named the XPS Studio, became the Studio Xiao Feng in the year Dragon shadow under the command of the first prominent, an aside, the XPS suffered quite a point (from the main fact to be banished, and then the Qidan do leaders and surname Xiao).

DELL XPS L421X Edition is the latest Ivy Bridge processor, CINEBENCH and SYSMark performance advantages, CINEBENCH basic and previous generations of high-end i7 2820QM almost. Another point worth mentioning i7 - 3612QM mantissa than the i7 3610QM, but the frequency is lower, because the i7 3612QM first 35W TDP i7 quad-core processors, frequency and Turbo frequency than the i7 3610QM low 0.2GHz . Generally speaking, the performance of the Ivy, Bridge, i7 platform is very powerful, SYSMark results leading to average 72 points, almost over 50%.

Compared with other gaming laptop, DELL XPS L421X heat belong to the intermediate file, the surface C intermediate temperature is relatively high, up to 46.2 degrees, though, in the middle, about drag palm too sensitive to temperature. Close to the fan on the back of the heat accumulation, the maximum temperature of 47.7 degrees.

If the GT 640M LE vest card, Dell XPS L721X battery GT 640M, but the real deal 28nm Kepler architecture with significant independence. The following are the core parameters of the NVIDIA 600M series, you can see the GT 640M and GT 650M is just different frequencies, almost the same specifications.

Below is the 3DMark11 test shot a total score of 1937, subprojects Graphics Score: 1752 DELL XPS L421X version of the P mode. All aspects of the overall aircraft performance, we believe that the Dell XPS L421X edition notebook positioned in line with its high-performance mainstream gaming notebook, especially in the current third-generation processor + a new generation of independent significant combination product less the case, the Dell XPS L421X The performance is very eye-catching.