Newest SAMSUNG 5 series laptop 550P NP550P5C NP550P7C

SAMSUNG 550P bare metal weight 1.515Kg, plus travel power adapter weighs about 1.850Kg, this weight is good for the business of 12.5 inches, very high levels of reinforcement materials and design due to the body, so the weight on will increase.

550P high-strength magnesium alloy material used to build, cover the wire drawing process can effectively eliminate the fingerprint residue. A surface after a special anti-fouling treatment can effectively prevent fingerprints and dirt residues. Interfaces, 550P provides a business should have to have some of the major expansion interface, fully meet the routine business use. The thoughtful design on 34mm the ExpressCard highlight the details of processing capability, USB3.0 absence seems to have regrets.

The 550P uses a 14.5-inch 16:9 LED matte display with a resolution of 1366 × 768. The matte screen can effectively prevent glare on the human eye damage caused by prolonged use can also relieve visual fatigue. In addition, the rubber edge of the screen buffer zone can effectively reduce the impact by the fall of the body, play a role in protecting the screen and keyboard.

samsung 550P uses a common turn sink design, the roof maximum open angle of about 140 degrees, the solid angle is also very high and the top cover is open. 550P of the keyboard follows the classic design of the Latitude, button feedback moderate intensity, long the operation will not have the feeling of discomfort. This keyboard also spill-resistant design, can effectively protect the inside of the machine. In addition there is equipped with a backlit keyboard models available to consumers in 550P.

The touchpad, like follow the traditional design, matte texture surface feel comfortable, misuse is not likely, below the double shortcut keys sound is also very light. However, due to body size constraints, this area of ​​the touchpad is still too small.

The quasi-business natural and ultimately, biometric fingerprint recognition device, 550P fingerprint reader in the lower-right corner of the body C face, about a variety of certification mark. 550P fuselage backplane only one screw to screw it gently toward a push to open the entire backplane. In addition to the memory and hard drive can be upgraded processor fan for dust clean-up. In addition, 550P with SAMSUNG 550P Battery provides us with a 3 min PCIE interface, one half-height min, PCIE connect to a wireless network card, the remaining two min PCIE interface, a full-height one half-height, we can extend the equipment , such as the SSD.

550P matte display can effectively protect the human eye, reducing interference from external light. The solid shaft design 550P of the roof with a high degree of stability. Back dismantling a rapid disassembly of the screw is very humane, the user is also very convenient. In addition, the bottom of the expansion slot design also makes the 550P with more scalability.

Samsung 550P is equipped with the processor Intel SNB i5 2520M, using 32nm process technology, dual-core quad-thread design, with 3MB L3 cache, the default frequency as high as 2.5GHz the Turbo accelerate soared to 3.3GHz, high frequency performance upgrade is very intuitive, I believe the good performance of this CPU in the next test.

This SAMSUNG NP550P5C using mainstream sub-Island-style keyboard design, but different from the previous NP550P7C series "arc" keyboard (Dichromic) to design, but with a traditional chocolate keyboard design, a key rebound moderate intensity, use feel good.

The touchpad design is a unique blend of design style with palm rest, touch operating area uniform distribution of small bumps, the use of skin-like layer that makes good use touchpad feel, in the bottom of the touchpad area is also designed left and right mouse button.

The same as the palm rest of the design and roof materials used, using a skin-like paint coating design, the palm of your hand placed on the above I feel good, and more comfortable to use. Using the now popular sunken shaft design style, maximum opening and closing angle can reach 130 degrees around the edge of the C surface is also marked on both sides of the corresponding interface, user-friendly.

Interface design in general, slightly more number in the left side of the front-end interface types and three USB3.0 interface location is too close, there will be some impact in the use of multiple external devices. The same as the traditional 14-inch notebook, this NP550P5C with SAMSUNG NP550P5C Battery on the underside of the design also uses a removable baffle, the user can disassemble the hard drive and memory upgrade. The demolition of the right side of the baffle can also be the main radiator fan, etc. for cleaning operation, the operation is very convenient.

Notebook computer as a flagship fashion, we can not expect the the SAMSUNG NP550P7C size and weight to reach the ultimate look at the following measurement parameters, it belongs to medium-size 14.0-inch notebook.

SAMSUNG NP550P7C configuration is a 14.0-inch glossy screen, the resolution of the previous generation is still 1366x768. LCD manufacturers AU Optronics AU Optronics B140XW01 the V8 of specific models [14 "LCD] measured the effect of belonging to the mainstream standards, the general viewing angle.

Reading the SAMSUNG NP550P7C appearance, we are open to look at its top cover manipulation region. C surface is the classic chocolate keyboard, editing experience feel more rigid, but the key rebound or can. Of particular note here is the design of the touchpad, and C surface blend (actual area above reticulate) from a distance, the operating feel very smooth, much useful than the ordinary one touchpad.

After measuring the length and width of the SAMSUNG NP550P7C: 343x240mm, thickness :25.1-31 .8 mm in mainstream video games this is a medium size. The bare weight: 2.155Kg, travel weight: 2.475Kg. Shaft sinking design, the maximum opening and closing of 135 degrees, relatively strong.

With simple practical the SAMSUNG NP550P7C configuration equipped with a new generation of chipsets HM76 with the previous generation i5, 2450M, and so has two advantages, one can get more native USB3.0 support new chipset, the second is the third generation of i5 and i3 released in June, quickly followed to achieve the smooth transition of the two generations of products.

The SAMSUNG NP550P7C new second-generation Intel cool wisdom 5 processor, i5, 2450M, the default clocked at 2.5GHz, 32nm process technology, the L3 cache 3MB, dual four thread support for AVX media instruction set, TDP of 35W. HM76 chipset motherboard, 2x2GB DDR3 1333MHz memory configuration of 1GB of video memory entry-level the Geforce 610M significant independence, although the game performance will be very good, but it should be Fu Gaoqing Entertainment ease.

There are a lot of laptops are not configured to separate graphics card, or just getting started with significant independence, because these notebooks are not located in the high-end gaming users, for example, we measured this the SAMSUNG NP550P7C with SAMSUNG NP550P7C Battery, the main selling point is the 3D somatosensory technology and user experience, so with a high-end i5 CPU is sufficient. From the achievements of the CPU Sysmark score 188 points more than the average level of the average mainstream notebook, suited to learning and home entertainment use.

In the fuselage on both sides, the the ASUS the A55V body on both sides of interface are two USB 3.0 miniHDMI interface, mini VGA interface, headphone / microphone composite interface with the mainstream 14-inch notebook configuration interface types and quantities of still have some differences, but the A55V provides us with a USB to RJ45 network interface adapter cable, mini VGA adapter cable, to a certain extent make up for its lack of interface types.

Asus the A55V keyboard surface design fairly simple, in addition to chocolate keyboard and touchpad do not set any independent shortcuts, and even the start button integrated into the design of the keyboard, plus CNC lathe from a single piece of metal materials to build the C shell, fine workmanship, not any seams, and embodies the spirit of the pursuit of the ultimate Asus A55V.

Although the overall layout of the A55V and on the generation of A55 did not change much, but the configuration of the keyboard has escalated, not only in the use of touch is more comfortable than the A55's keyboard, but it comes with a backlight function, via the Fn + F3 / F4 to adjust the backlight brightness, Fn + A to turn on or turn off the backlight.

Asus A55V-in-one configuration of the touch pad area is quite large, the reason why the configuration of such large touchpad in order to better support multi-touch operation, we use two fingers in the rotation above picture rotation function; three hands point to the next slide, you can play the role of the Show Desktop; when we use three fingers sliding up, you can experience the Alt + Tab in Windows7 feature, start the 3D window switching mode; two fingers up or down to achieve the mouse wheel function.

The multi-touch features, but our daily use is the use of the touch pad control the cursor, so the touch of the touchpad, position the cursor precisely our feelings. For ASUS A55 touchpad overall touch is more comfortable, more smooth finger in the process of sliding above, although the use of integrated design, but its touchpad buttons are still maintained a good experience, the sound crisp press reflect the accurate cursor drift.

With the arrival of 2012, Intel 22nm 3D transistor processors officially released, super this started to become more personalized, upgraded version of this test, the ASUS A55 with ASUS A55V Battery, Asus second-generation super this A55V on the display a breakthrough, a bold use of quality more IPS LCD panel, 13.3-inch screen with ultra-high resolution of 1920 × 1080, pixel density 165PPI, compared with products of 1366 × 768 resolution screen more fine.

Apple NEW iPad is equipped with 9.7-inch 2048 x 1536 resolution display, we found that the tradition of the original 13, 14, 15-inch laptops, the 1366 × 768 resolution screen display is so rough, super this as a traditional notebook alternative, the first generation of super-this is more like "downsizing" after the traditional notebook, its screen resolution also follows the traditional 1366 × 768.